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Hilands Logo has been in service since 1995. It used to be a Bulletin board system (bbs)external link to another website housed in Sacramento California. The website was quite simple and contained a handful of resource links from the internet. The website has moved maintainers and the useful ness of a community resource BBS has faded into the past. Now there is only a web presence with limited activity. Throughout the passed few years I have wanted to convert it into a computer resource guide.

My current goal is to use this webspace as a resource for computer information tutorials in a blog style format, including coding examples and perhaps ways to help keep online systems secure.
For the passed year I have been testing a website template system written in PHP and am finally working the kinks out. I'm hoping this new system will allow me to display relevant content to the computing world, and push my copyleftexternal link to another website views.

Monphi CMS
I've been dabbling with content management systems (CMS) for some time and decided to start writing one from scratch.
Monphi Banner

Visit the Monphi CMS project home pageexternal link to another website hosted at sourceforge.netexternal link to another website.
You can download a copy on the project download pageexternal link to another website.

The CMS currently works with PHP, Apache, MySQL. It requires the Apache "modrewrite" module and some HTML and PHP to add additional modules and functions.

Current work on this project involves URL handling, administrative interface, user management and module processing. I expect the next package to have the URL handling, admin interface and user management updated!