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Donate to ran by Phil Allen.
As you can see this is my little dump of information. I've finally got a decent format I like and have been working dilegently to get some of my knowledge out in the public domain. I'm looking at reformatting alot of my IDOC Database which can be used as a great example of how to write php to a mysql database. My new project EdLite is a co-effort between a friend and coleague of mine for a minimilist attempt at a colaberative file dump and linkage for distance education based on peer to peer models. We will soon be copyrighting the code under the GPL so anyone in the world can use it.

I love the idea of GPL, which gives my code the ability to travel to parts of the world I myself will probably never be able to go to. A chance for it to be useful to everyone in the world community that has given me a great opportunity to learn new things without the need of piracy.

If you feel any of the information or code here is useful I would love to hear from you! Send me an email with a little information on what your using it for. You can send me an email by clicking the "contact" link to the left. If you'd like to take that extra step and feel like the information provided here is a great use to you I would very much appreciate any donations you can afford. I'm currently trying to figure out how to pay off some of my debt and get myself into college. If you'd like to help me in my crazy adventure some would call "life" click the donate button below.