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Content:: JavaScript

Last Modified: 2012-05-06
JavaScript requires a browser that can render the script and shouldn't be fully relied on for your website. However within recent years development has done wonders for the tools that are available.

Table of Contents
jQuery is a JavaScript library which can allow you to add tons of features to your website with small amounts of code.
Syntax Highlighter
Syntax Highlighter is a simple way to display code on a website. This script can style your code with line numbers, highlight the syntax for ease of reading. If JavaScript is disabled, the end user will simply see the code inside of a pre tag element.
Lightbox is a great tool to display images. You can show your users a basic thumbnail, and when the thumbnail is clicked on the full version can be displayed inside a view on the website without ever leaving your page. There are a handful of JavaScript tools like this, but the license for Lightbox allows you to use this tool anywhere for free.
A simple jQuery plugin to create stylish slideshows. Simple tutorials and easy to edit with basic knowledge of html.
Videojs appears to be an interesting video player.