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Content:: VBS - Remove Hyper Links

VBS - remove hyperlinks

I found a bit of code on to assist with removing hyperlinks from a microsoft excel spreadsheet.

From the excel window open the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor. Select Tools from the menu bar and scroll down to the Macro menu item. From the Sub menu select Visual Basic Editor (shortcut key ALT+F11).

We will need to create a new module. Inside the Microsoft Visual Basic editor select the Insert option from the menu bar and select Module.

Insert the following code
Sub RemoveHyperlinks()
	'Remove all hyperlinks from the active sheet
End Sub
Upon closing the window you will now have a new macro called RemoveHyperLinks. From your excel spreadsheet select Tools > Macro > Macros...from the menu bar and run the RemoveHyperlinks macro.

Last Modified: 2010-06-03