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Last Modified: 2013-04-17
Computer programming can be done in many ways. These days many computer programmers use high level programming languages to convert human readable instructions into machine language.

I write code in a handful of languages and have been working on web based applications written in a scripting language called PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessorexternal link to another website).

Using Notepad 2 to edit a PHP file
Notepad 2
Programmers commonly use "Integrated Development Environments" (IDE)external link to another website to manage code projects especially while working with a programming language that needs to be compiled. Knowing the basics of a variety of IDE's is recommended even if you don't like to use them. When applying for a job one common question for a developers position is going to be what IDE's you use, interviewers also want to know how you manage your projects. I could care less what IDE I am using and commonly use a specific text editors that color code the source code.
My favorite text editor on Windows systems is Notepad 2external link to another website which can be downloaded free at Flo's Freewareexternal link to another website. This editor allows you to see line endings weather they are carriage returns or line feeds you can also do mass conversions of the line endings! Spaces and tabs are also visible while writing. By far this is the best editor for those who enjoy keeping your code tabs, spaces, line endings etc in perfect form. Geditexternal link to another website has many of the same features and is ported to most operating systems!

Version Control Systems are used frequently when working on projects with a group of developers. Gitexternal link to another website is a fairly new popular tool that will be explained here. We have set up a Git page to get you started with a Version Control System.