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Content:: Acer Aspire One Mouse Pad Enable / Disable

I purchased a used Acer Aspire One 9" laptop a few months back. With only a relative small amount of issues.
When I originally went out see the item before I puchased it the power kept turning itself off. The machine could barely get to the windows startup screen. Turned out the case is so tight the fan on the left hand some of the computer (under the asdf keys) continued to get stuck and the bios automatically turns of the system if the fan fails. You can access the fan without opening the system, a toothpick or sewing needle can bump the fan to get it functioning again.

After about two keeps running the system nearly non stop a red dot appeared on the monitor. This is something that couldn't be repaired easily or cheap. A burnt portion on the LCD screen sucks. Turns out I let the system "rest" for a couple of days and the screen fixed itself. I'm guessing it was a little bit too hot.
I found I could use the Fn key with the F6 key (Fn + F6) can turn the power off to the display. This feature is great as it takes 10 minutes for my screen saver to turn on and another 10 minutes to turn the monitor into power saving mode.

I rarely use the touch pad, or mouse pad, on the system as I have a USB mouse for the system. A few days ago I get ready to take the system out with me. Not wanting to lug around my mouse I try using the touchpad and it fails! I tried reinstalling the mouse drivers, try re-enabling the "Synaptics Pointing Device" software. Nothing seemed to work.
I decided to google around and came acrossed this forum. the tenth post read
Fn + F7 will disable/enable the touchpad ... reading manual is highly recommended.


Turns out it was that simple. The Function F7 Key toggles the touchpad, or mousepad, on and off!
Last Modified: 2009-10-18