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Content:: BlackBox for Windows - Title Bar

bb4win title bar
windows explorer title bar
BlackBox for Windows Title Bar

BlackBox for Windows, or bb4win, changes the windows title bar to its slim and simple title bar. Some windows applications write data to the title bar and will toggle between the two while the title bars data is being written to. The reason for this is the api for the BlackBox title bar and the Windows title bar are written different. Without the source to the windows application you will not be able to fix this. Blackbox for Windows has the option to change the title bar back to the default windows. The only problem for new users is the verbage used on the BlackBox menu toggle item.

bb4win menu
BlackBox Menu options

To revert back to the windows title bar right click on your desktop to obtain the BlackBox menu. Select BlackBox > bbLeanSkin > and click on the Toggle Skin menu item. This will remove the BlackBox skin from your windows and display the default windows explorer title bar.
Last Modified: 2009-11-15