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Content:: Console Beeps

Console Beeps
Last Modified: 2015-05-10

While using the command line or console you may notice the system beeping at you when you use features like tab to autocomplete or while scrolling up and down in the program less. You can easily remove this "feature" on a per user basis by modifying a few user profile configuration files.

Table of Contents
Basic Shell
To disable beeps in your user shell you can modify the .inputrc file. This appears to disable most of the PC speakers beeps :) # echo 'set bell-style none' >> ~/.inputrc

Less has an option, or command line switch, of -Q or --QUIET or --SILENT. $less -Q
Instead of having to remember to type -Q every time you invoke the program less we can change the environmental variables. $ export LESS="-Q"
To make these options permanent we can add the export command to the profile.
Edit the .profile file. # nano ~/.profile
and add
export LESS="-Q"