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Content:: Cairo-Dock Shrinking the Black Border

Cairo-Dock Shrinking the Black Border on a Vertical Layout
OS: Debian Wheezy (7.x)
Last Modified: 2013-07-25
Assuming we don't have a compositing engine, which will remove the black border (or "black box") around the Cairo-Dock, and are using a vertical layout (position left or right) the black border can consume a lot of space.

The following will walk you through the configurations of Cairo-Dock to free up some of the space consumed by the black border around Cairo-Dock.

* On Cairo-Dock Version 3.0.0 on Debian Wheezy the black border using the vertical layout dramatically increased from Cairo-Dock Version 2.x on Debian Squeeze.

Table of Contents
Quick Version
  1. From the context menu - Cairo-Dock > Configure
  2. Switch to Advanced Mode
  3. Going into the Captions Preferences under Appearance
  4. Selecting "No" on the "Show labels" drop down.
  5. Uncheck "Should the labels always be horizontal, even when dock is vertical?"
Before and After
Cairo-Dock Before Cairo-Dock After
On the Left you will see the amount of space that Cairo-Dock consumes. On the Right you will see how much less space it consumes.

Walking through the Preferences
Cairo-Dock configure context menu
Right click on Cairo-Dock to get the context menu. Select Cairo-Dock then Configure.

Cairo-Dock Advanced Mode
In the configuration window click the Advanced Mode button in the lower left corner.

Cairo-Dock Captions
In the Advanced configuration menu locate and click on Captions in the Appearance section.

Cairo-Dock removing labels
In the Label visibility section locate the "Show labels" drop down and select No.
Uncheck the Should the labels always be horizontal, even when dock is vertical? checkbox.

End Result
If we use a black background our end result should be a clean looking desktop and very little space being over taken by Cairo-Dock!