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Content:: Mac OS X Versions

Mac OS X versions

You can easily look up the Mac OS X version by going to the menu bar, clicking the apple logo and selecting About This Mac from the drop down menu. However the codename for the version isn't displayed. Mac users love to go by the codename, this list should help you communicate better with other Mac users.

Version Number Codename Box Cover
10.0 Cheetah OS X Cheetah Box Cover
10.1 Puma OS X Puma Box Cover
10.2 Jaguar OS X Jaguar Box Cover
10.3 Panther OS X Panther Box Cover
10.4 Tiger OS X Tiger Box Cover
10.5 Leopard OS X Leopard Box Cover
10.6 Snow Leopard OS X Snow Leopard Box Cover
10.7 Lion OS X Lion Box Cover
10.8 Mountain Lion OS X Mountain Lion Box Cover

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Last Modified: 2012-07-15