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Table of Contents
Window Before

Track railing and underneath

Security block, keeps sliding window from removal

Window slide removed

Window After

Window Frame
Paint chipping near window frame interior

Window movement, opening gap with slight pressure pushing outwards.

Window Frame external seating, half of the frame is in this seating while half is in the housing structure.

Fence board knocked over, attached to neighbors gate. Arrow 1) fence board

From neighbors side. Arrow 1) 2x4 attached to fence board. Arrow 2) 2x4 and board screwed into bottom of gate and post to keep gate from opening. This was added after the fence board had been pulled down by the weight of the gate.

From neighbors side. Fence board and gate re-attached.

Tree trunk pushing into fence 2x4 supports, note some of the boards are loose on the bottom. Arrow 1) 2x4 being pushed by tree trunk. Arrow 2) Root system going under the fence line.

Circled area showing fence board back in place.