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Content:: Security Tools

Secure your system with a windows host file
Replace your windows host file with a host file that keeps records of most malware, advertisement, etc and redirects those url's to (you!).
A MUST have tool for keeping a windows machine alive and happy.
Information and updates for this can be found at the website

Nmap network port scanner. A computer port is like a boat port. For computers to connect to each other acrossed the "ocean" of the internet, you must have an open port! Trojan horses and computer back doors commonly open a listening port for remote access.
Wireshark (once Ethereal) is a great network packet sniffer. A sniffer will show you whats going acrossed your computers network interfaces. Used with tools like Nmap you will be able to figure out just what your firewall should or should not be blocking! Sniffers are also great when trying to learn how client server interaction works. Or how insecure your network data is.