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Content:: The Macgyver Pudding Spoon

How to Macgyver a spoon for your pudding with the tin foil lid and a single zip tie!

Macgyver Pudding Spoon - the inception
1. Lick the foil pudding lid clean

I had a dilema I had opened a small container of Jello pudding and realized I didn't bring a spoon! I was ready to gourge myself with the pudding using my fingers to shovel the pudding into my mouth when a light bulb went off. I had heard of this being done somewhere else and thought it would be the perfect experiment.
Macgyver Pudding Spoon - adding the ziptie
2. Loop the zip tie locking the tie in a notch or two.
3. Place the zip tie in the center of the foil.

Digging through my drawers I found a 4" zip tie ready for the cause. Making a circle with the zip tie I snapped the loop into place. The zip tie would soon create the frame of the my Macgyver spoon. Flipping the tin foil over (top facing up) I set the zip tie in the middle of the tin foil cover.
Macgyver Pudding Spoon - wrapping the foil
4. Fold the spoon into shape.

I started folding the tin foil around the rim of the zip tie. Amazingly in seconds you can see the shape of the spoon taking place. Make sure you completely cover the circle portion of the zip tie. Use the excess foil to wrap around the tail of the zip tie creating a handle.
Macgyver Pudding Spoon - completion of the spoon!
5. Stare in amazement at your new spoon!

Amazed that it works hold your spoon up with glory, if this is the first tool you have ever created feel very proud! You may notice some imperfections in your spoon, now is the time to fix those. Smooth the foil around your framed spoon structure.
Macgyver Pudding Spoon - using the spoon
6. Use your spoon

Gently squish the large portion of your spoon into the pudding. If you are in a formal setting point the section of the spoon furthest from you downward while the portion closest to you is pointed upwards. Start scooping by pushing the spoon downward from the area closest to your belly out towards the section furthest from your belly in the cup.
Macgyver Pudding Spoon - no more pudding
7. Scoop all of the pudding out

Scoop as much of the pudding out of the cup into your mouth. The effectivness of your spoon can now be judged by the remaining portions of pudding in the cup.